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Strategic Plan 2021-2025

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Our Purpose

Work together to create paths with children,
youth and families to reach their full potential.

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Our Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles shape how we work with our clients, one another, and our partners. They are:

Caring for Others and Ourselves
We promote wellbeing by fostering safe and trusting relationships with our clients, colleagues and partners.

Growing and Learning Together
We are open-minded and encourage curiosity and learning through the exploration of new ideas.

Moving in the Same Direction
We are united to make a difference in our communities.

Taken together, our guiding principles create an environment that allows us, our clients and our partners to be their best selves.

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Our Strategic Objectives

Collaborate With Partners

We will grow and strengthen relationships with youth, families and partners to maximize our reach, resources and impact.

Priority 1: Work With Our Partners to Improve Client Care
We will collaborate with our partners to develop a strong network of care that allows access to timely and appropriate services that wrap around our clients.

Priority 2: Embrace the Unique Voices of Youth and Families
We will develop opportunities for the client voice and needs to be included in decision making that impacts their experience.

Priority 3: Lean on Each Other to Share Expertise
We will utilize the diverse knowledge and experience of our team to improve client service delivery

Discover New Possibilities

We will focus on continuous improvement to align with evolving sector, client and
operational needs.

Priority 1: Grow Awareness of Our Services and Approach
We will explore innovative ways to ensure youth, caregivers and community partners are aware of and know how to access Compass services.

Priority 2: Prepare Ourselves for the Future
We will remain ahead of the change curve by monitoring trends and improving our flexibility and adaptability.

Support Quality of Care

We will support the growth and health of our team to provide excellent services.

Priority 1: Enhance Client-Centered Processes
We will focus on providing quality services to our clients by building equitable systems that matter to them.

Priority 2: Adopt Our Culture
We will embed and live a Caring-Learning-Purpose culture throughout the agency to improve the wellbeing of our clients, team and partners.

Compass is the Lead Agency for Child and Youth Mental Health Services in the Districts of Sudbury and Manitoulin.

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If you or someone you know is in crisis or feeling overwhelmed, please contact Crisis Intervention Services – Health Sciences North. 24 hour hotline—365 days/year 1.877.841.1101

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MINDSPACE offers mental health services without an appointment for children and youth under 18.